Leaning In


Leaning in…sisters leaning in


My words for 2014 …


Remember the movie, “While You Were Sleeping? Bill Pullman was called out for leaning in  toward Sandra Bullock for a kiss.

 iLeaning in said that Bill wanted closer!

Lean In was the title of book that cause a lot of buzz last year. She was an insider who shared.  We read and listened because by golly, she is successful!

Honestly, aren’t we all looking for tips and hints for our lives, for our hearts?

This morning Beth Moore (video) said, “Lean in to Scriptures together.”  It resonated!


Two short words that give a word picture to…

LEAN IN  to the Word

LEAN IN  to relationships

LEAN IN to who I love

LEAN IN to what I love


Don’t be like me, a lean back kind of gal.  Sceptical. Distant. Fearful. Uninterested. Don’t lean away.

It isn’t easy to let people lean in.  It isn’t easy for me to lean in.  When my children  leaned in wanting to touch to look at  whatever I was doing, I wanted them to lean back. I pushed away; they leaned in.



Leaning in… at Grandma’s Sweet Meg and 2 of the sweet peas baking


How many times has He wanted to lean inbut I block Him out? I want to recieve His

leaning in all the time.

I want to

lean in

                      toward Jesus,

                      with the Holy Spirit, in prayer,

                     to life with Him.

To lean in

like a child yearning to learn and love God.  Imagine! What a life!

So there you have it…


Lean In

My words for the year!


What is your word(s) for 2014?   Why?


blessings, linda





  1. says

    “lean in” – love that! such a beautiful picture of trust and dependence. I did more than one word this year too- letting go. & living for eternity!! seemed I couldn’t have one without the other :))

    Here’s to drawing closer to our Lord in 2014!!!


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