Spring Door Arches Inspiration


making door arches


My spring inspiration this year comes from a visit to Bavaria Germany in March a few years ago.

I love how spring is welcomed there even when there’s a little snow on the ground and grey skies. But some German homes don’t need extra seasonal decorations.




Creativity and appreciation for beauty is apparent as we strolled down the streets full of spring expressions. These homes and shops are in Oberammergau, home to the Passion Play and amazing wood carvers.

Simplicity of nature shines next to traditional Baroque architecture and details.




This is someone’s home!  My husband has the branches set aside for our porches.  He’ll find the rocks to hold them steady at the base.  I have ribbon and birdhouses ready.





A closer look reveals how these arches are put together.

Bavarian blue is the color most used. Reminds me of Carolina blue. Clear mountain air must make for blue skies!




The drapes of cloth are wrapped and draped loosely with a light touch.  The natural fiber multi-sized balls dangle from the tangle  of smaller branches.





I’ll use my colorful bird houses to hang and set on the porch bench; no plants yet because it is still freezing. Meg and the granddaughters are painting three others this afternoon I bought at AC Moore using coupons and a store credit left over from Christmas.

I just can’t wait any longer for warm weather!  My bare porch is gets sadder looking everyday.  I’ll share pictures later this week.


Hope these spring arches inspire you too!  


blessings, linda

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