Stylish Game Table for the Family


Game table chair details


The long search was finally over!

I could just see it in my mind’s eye but never found chairs that matched, were the right size and affordable.

Recently, this French style of chair has popped up at  bridal rentals and on blogs. If only I could find one. I came up empty handed on my forays into auctions, consignment shops and yard sales




The “library” table that has moved with us from home to home for years is the chairs I have always wanted since we first got it from Jim’s dad. It was part of Aunt Daisy’s library.

I’ll be really dating myself here…in TV and movie homes there was often a game table set under a window with side chairs, ready for chess or checkers. Bridge any one?



Library Table fit for Games



Surely Luckett’s would have some!  My daughter and I took the day to drive down.  It was beautiful weather meaning not hot yet.

The big rain storm left huge puddles bordering on pond status.  Vendors and organizers were rearranging.  The wait in line with the other early birds was pleasant.  Nancy and I were women on a mission.  She wanted a china cabinet.

We both found exactly what we wanted even though I didn’t know I wanted chairs with arms. I soon realized my big guys would never go for those tiny seated girly chairs.  Nancy and I sat and chatted in several pairs of chairs before deciding on these  charming linen covered one.





My dream for the “library” table was finally coming true.


PS. Yes, I’ll be painting the table.


Have you had a “dream” space come together?  What was it?  


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  1. says

    Just stopping by via Jes over at Strangers and Pilgrims Monday link up.. I love your chairs! Yes, I agree…love the arms….perfect for the guys… I so want to attend Luckett’s some day.. Your library table is wonderful and the chairs look great.. Glad you found what you were looking for.. Blessings!

  2. says

    Linda…funny, just looking at those awesome grey chairs! Then thinking, I need a game table in our new place, but we don’t even know which house/when, as ours hasn’t sold. Moving closer to our daughter. YES. A huge leap of faith, but already I can see Him moving. Patience, please…..enjoy your site.., D.

    • says

      Thanks. We love that our daughter is about 10 minutes away. A perfectly close yet far enough for distance. The boys are 3 hours and 2 are still at home. Hope all goes will with the selling and moving. blessings, Linda

    • says

      Maybe rearrange? Like most folks we used the kitchen table or card table…I got a really nice one that didn’t shake as much. But having one always ready is inviting. The grands love it. Have a good week!

  3. says

    Love your chairs! I used to have a similar set from a great aunt but had to sell them when we made a major move (no room and it broke my heart!)… I think the game table is darling too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us on The Art of Home-Making Mondays. Please join us again next week :)

  4. says

    You go girl! I love the table….but those chairs? Seriously? So awesome to meet you and your amazing self at Haven!

    Happy day to you friend!

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