Finally Hydrangeas


finally hydrangeas


Finally, hydrangea.  Winter took it toll and I helped.  Yes, I broke of the sticks, a no-no.

I am hydrangea sad too like Karen here .  She gives pruning directions and I’ll remember next year.

I broke the sticks off. I wanted to make my front porch and the beds around it to look fresh and renewed. How can that happen with sticks sticking out?  I wish I had a picture of the sad, sad looking bunch of sticks with barely a green leaf showing.

I thought I was helping.  Pruning is supposed to be good, right?

Several weeks later Jim realized what had happened and told me “Don’t do that again”.  Could this be why the only gardening I do is to pinch dead blooms like my momma did every morning.

Weeks ago many were posting beautiful pictures of a spectrum of colorful blooms.




This morning sitting on the porch wrapped in a blanket, mind you, it was cold, I spied rich beautiful blooms nested deep in the foliage.  Hidden.  Finally!




I cut them.  And they look spectacular on the dining room table.  Nothing else is needs to supplement their splendor.


Perfect with the newly painted aqua walls.

No wonder these big full bloomed flowers are a favorite!





The colors are absolutely beautifully stunning and rich.

I am hydrangea happy!!



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  1. says

    So beautiful! I can;t get hydrangeas to grow in my garden its just to hot here. So I will happily enjoy your beautiful flowers. Hugs. P.S. I invite you to share your post at my blog hop ( link up tonight through Sat)

  2. says

    Your Hydrangea arrangement is gorgeous! I’ve noticed that winter did drastically effect our Hydrangeas too – two bushes only produced one bloom. The one bush I have that held up nicely was the Oakleaf Hydrangea. That one was here when we moved in – it’s a monster! If you were nearby, I’d give you a baby bush :) I hope you have a great weekend!

    • says

      Wish I was near by. The white one in the back yard that is out of sight is huge. At least one bloomed. Down where you are the cold must have been a double shock to all the plants. Having a quiet weekend. Have a good one too! Blessings, Linda

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