Elevenses for Thanksgiving


I love to read.  It is no secret. I like thought-provoking and “heavy” reading and I like the entertaining escape reading  of mysteries.  One series heroine is curious and struggles with the fashion of the flapper days who likes food.  Set in post WW1 Britain, the characters often have “elevenses” which also helps the plot move along.

Strictly speaking, it is a midmorning refreshment primarily consisting of biscuits or cookies as we Americans call them.   When we lived in Germany years ago, many people stopped mid morning for a refreshment usually of a brotchen  and cold cut with cheese.

My family loves Thanksgiving!  For the first time in years we are not hosting!   Or cooking the turkey.  Looking forward to change!!

Our  Thanksgiving Day usually starts rather early.  Breakfast may or may not be cooked.  By mid morning after making pies and cutting up veggies, after watching the parade, it is time for “elevenses” .

Pies and sweets are for later in the day.  I usually have several appetizers set out for light refreshments in anticipation of  THE meal.

The refreshments last year were ham & swiss cheese make it yourself rolls.  I set out the condiments, plates and forks.

The girls had fun making the veggie turkey! Do you remember it making the rounds last year? A “sure to make you smile” offering.  Dips were Ranch and Linda dip.

Here is the very simple recipe!


Linda Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy delicious vegetable dip with a pop of color!
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Serves: 10-20
  • 8 oz cream cheese softened
  • 1 small bottle Wishbone Russian dressing
  • Substitution: Though Wishbone Russian more flavorful for this dip it can be hard to find. Use Catalina Dressing as a substitute.
  1. Mix the 2 ingredients until blended throughly.
  2. Chill until serving.
  3. Serve with fresh raw veggies especially cauliflower! Great for any large gathering.


Okay, just in case anyone is wondering, there is a lot of grazing that goes on !


How does your Thanksgiving Day begin?




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Forever Family…Scarlet Cord


“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”

- Ancient Chinese Proverb

This ancient proverb is referred to by families as they adopt their Chinese children. Many come to believe this invisible red thread connects them with the children of their hearts as they weave together a “forever” family. It is a poetic assertion that the thread of the forever family will never break.

Every time I hear this I am reminded instead of THE scarlet cord.


“And she (Rahab) tied the scarlet cord in the window.”  Joshua 2:21


I find Rahab’s story of intrigue and rescue one of the most thrilling in the Bible. Imagine being in her place and tossing the long thick cord out to be seen and trusting the protection and safety would follow!

The scarlet cord she tossed out her window meant everything to her. Risky but not reckless.  It represented salvation for Rahab, protection and safety from destruction. This scarlet cord forever connected her to the Israelites and to Christ, our Savior.

The scarlet cord connects us still today.

The Chinese proverb speaks to a deep need in our hearts for connection and permanency in relations.

There are remnants of truth in these ancient words.  Consider the truth from the Ancient of Days instead.  Sovereignty is the truth, not destiny.  Sovereignty is assurance against randomness in our lives.

The scarlet cord is still providing protection, safety and salvation.  Christ’s blood shed for the forgiveness of sins made a ways for us to be adopted as sons and heirs.  We are part of the “forever” family.

Today I am thinking about the wonder of this and how it was in motion on that fateful day in Jericho.  The scarlet cord still connects us to God and to other Christians today.  Amazing! Assuring!


For great is his love toward us,  and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.      

                             Praise the LORD. Ps 117:2                                            




Mama Influence: A Kid’s Point of View



Hi Mom.

When you find this in the morning you can either A) Post it but delete this line B) delete it C) Keep it tucked away and do a later post about post that never gotten posted.


This is what came on my screen.  I was surprised. and so encouraged.  You know those days when… you wonder is anyone listening to me?  …Now what did I do to warrent that?  Those kind of days that wear a mom down to the nub.

Then there was this…and I am all smiles.


Good Morning.

I am doing a post for my Mom today except I’m going to change it up a bit. Oh, by the way, I’m Meg, Linda’s youngest daughter. Mom won’t find out about this until tomorrow or for you guys today. Sunday was my niece Mary”s birthday and she is now officially 5.



To all the mothers out there, speaking from a fourteen year old’s view, I don’t know how you guys pulled it off when the kids were younger and now when we are teens. Driving us to and from sports, parties, school, and don’t forget putting up with all the sarcastic remarks and being angry at you for no reason at all.


Meg and Nathan, brother-in-law, a dad


Don’t forget the dads. Congrats for putting up with us when we were younger. For when we would have tempter tantrums and when we are teenagers. I don’t know how you guys do it but so far you guys are doing great. Just remember those who were your parents and model after them but don’t forget to change it up a bit, create your own traditions and keep some too.  I am sure Mom will post some pictures about Mary’s birthday.  Don’t worry Mom; I took some with your phone. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a good day :)


Mom, this part is if you want to than you can type your thoughts on what I said and you can edit my part however you want but keep the majority of it.

You: Why did you want to do a post?

Me: I was bored last night,  Do you know how to check your stats about who saw what post and how many people are following you?

You: Yes


I only edited for typing errors. 


Well, that sure was one of the sweetest things I have read in ages.  I am thinking even in the messiness of teen age years, there is some good stuff going on too.  Some old-fashioned Mama Influence.



PS.   I wondered how I was going to show off one of the Duluth Trading Company henleys I received  at Haven ’14.  We love these soft shirts that are holding their shape and color!   This is not a sponsored posts and all opinions are my own. 


Crazy October

crazy october lead


I just read there are only 7 more Fridays until Christmas. Pressure is in the air.  I don’t even have all my fall bins down from the attic yet. Are you able to breath just thinking about that?

And I don’t think I’ll get them down!  I may get the turkey dishes from the mud room. We like our turkey dishes.

7 more Fridays.

It seems we are just now settled down after  all we have had happen this crazy October.




The fun of shopping and getting ready.  I may have had more fun than Amy and Meg did.

Love those DSW coupons and shoes!

Jim gone to The Fall High Point Market.  For 18 days!

Not too bad so far!   We do alright when he travels.

Homecoming dance night came and went.

The girls were looking totally gorgeous. Fun dress shopping and the shoes! Love those DSW coupons.

I may have had more fun than they did.

Nathan, our son-in-law, left on his business trip.  Did I mention Nancy was due in a few weeks?

Yep, very pregnant and hopeful for a natural delivery. She has a c-section with the twins.

It was just a bit too much one day with some pretty strong contractions.  Baby still needed more tummy time!

The first of several labor episodes that would go on for hours then stop.  NO PROGRESS.

It was not only tiring but nerve-racking.

Nathan came home early.

Still no baby; just labor thing   nerve      racking     labor.


circa antique design fall


Then there was the matter of the little trip  I was taking to High Point.

After a few days  they all came back to the house to be with the girls while I went to High Point for a week.

Still crazy mid October!

Amy texted in between classes.  “Has THE child come yet?”

The texts flying around our family were hilarious; we were all a little giddy from tension and lack of sleep.


Jim and I did make it back before THE child was born.

Ah, our very own bed was divine.

Jim took off on another trip, only 3 days this time.

The long pre labor my daughter endured for several weeks finally came to an end when the c-section was scheduled.

C ra zy!

Newest little one arrived last Friday.



Omega Abigail.

Named after my mom. She is the fourth girls with a grandmother’s name.

This being a grandma is not getting one bit old I can tell you.  She is the sweetest.

The crazy ended when we saw her.


7 Fridays to Christmas!!  Say it ain’t so!


What craziness are you having this fall?



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