Renovation Blues

  At our house we have the renovation blues! The closet doors are 2 weeks late.  TWO weeks! The custom made doors were not painted as ordered.  We just got a call that the paint job was not satisfactory; one more coat will be applied.  I am so glad our contractors have high standards. Thursday the […]

Fragile…mom influence

  Dear Mom’s, You sweet momma’s who love your children beyond what it seems is possible, Your daughters are just a fragile as you. Tonight I am sharing about my spiritual journey with some ladies who are also well along in their own journeys. What can I say to these saints?  Why would they be interested in what […]

How to Make Perfect Bacon

  Who doesn’t love a classic BLT? Who hasn;t hated the clean up or burning those delicious slices? Here are few tips for perfect bacon… Tip #1.  Bacon on the stove top should always be made in a heavy bottomed skillet for an even crisp.  Cast iron is really good too.       The […]

Meg’s Shrimp Primavera


Are your garden sweet peppers ready yet?  How about tomatoes?  This is just the dish for them. Shrimp, tomatoes, fresh colorful peppers, sweet onions, sautéed mushrooms.  With pasta. Is your mouth watering yet?  Shrimp Primavera is one of those dishes that you can dress up or down.  In other words, it is versatile and it […]

Morning Tomato Harvest

  The bounty of our tomatoes means lots of fresh delicious salads and sandwiches!  Meg and Jim pluck them off on her way out the fence for a quick healthy snack. The best time to pick is morning before the heat sets in!  I’ll put some in the freezer just like I did when we […]

Renovating Our Old Farmhouse

Stripped dividing wall

Living in an old, old house has its draw backs like lack of closet space and an abundance of walls.  This old house had no fireplace.  How is that even possible? Living in an old house has its advantages too. after all it is a piece of history. We got two estimates.  I knew what the result […]

Post Haven Conference

HGTV's Beach Flip contestants, Sarah and Lucy with my cousins and I

  These ladies could not have been more friendly!  They were just as excited to be at Haven as Rosemary and I were.  Watch Beach Flip on Sunday nights at 9PM to these gals work their renovation magic! My youngest daughter, Meg and I hit the road to head south to Haven 2015.  Nothing outstanding […]

Falling In Love Chicken Salad

                                                                      Source  I made cranberry muffins and chicken salad this morning.  Then I remembered…   my story of falling in love beginings started […]