Autumn Credenza Vignette


So ready for cool autumn days


It’s just about time to quit teasing fall and actually welcome her into our home with wide arms!

Vintage Elegance is for my dining room.  It’s fun to see how many ways I can decorate this well used room.  I showed you a little peek of this; here is the whole vignette ready to for morning coffee on a cool Autumn morning

I gathered up what was handy to make this vignette on my credenza. The pieces for this vignette had to be different heights. Just stacking plates and cups wouldn’t work; I didn’t want them to look lost. The mirror provides a wonderful background expanding the taller items, usually flowers and sometimes tall candles.


autumn credenza red apple


The elegant foundation for this vignette of Vintage Elegance came from my closet.  This beautiful shawl is a street market in Istanbul. The delicate sprinkling of clear sequins over the rich tapestry of color acts as a tray. The blue is faint but enough to connect with the wall color.




The vessel is an old oil jar from the countryside of China; my East Asia influence.  It’s earthy brown. Because the lines are gentle and elegant, I included it.




Chinese lanterns were added.  There are 3 pieces shaped for the airy extended look. Yes, they are artificial. The bolder orange is a homage to the traditional fall colors.

It is apple picking season! Out comes my vintage Franciscan Red Apple china that is only used in the fall. I have a wide selection of serving pieces and plate sizes. The smaller bread & butter plates are just right for pastries.  My husband is the hot tea drinker. For a change I used the large egg cup for sugar. The pedestal plate is made with a plate balanced on a cup.


Vintage Franciscan Red Apple 2


Vintage elegance usually has silver because nothing says elegant like silver.  The combination of Mom’s silverware and flea market pieces are used.  She would approve.



welcome cool autumn and signature



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September Sunflowers

Sunflower Heads

Seeds are pulled out in a pattern, a flower within a flower. Eventualy, all the seeds are eaten!  

Fall is in the air.  Bin of pumpkins and rows are lined up are seen at every farm stand. The chrysanthemums are beginning to bloom in the yard. We are wearing long sleeves and hoodies.

I will take the road less traveled sometimes on my way home from Nancy’s. I pass fields and clotheslines full of laundry. The houses are spaced far apart. It is a slice of Americana between the busy thoroughfare of Burger King and car dealers to the cross road to the main highway and over the bridge to the Kellogg’s plant.

It is peace. There is a farmer’s greenhouse with plants and flowers on the left. Just around the curve on the edge of the field, there is a row of sturdy sunflowers. Their yellow and brown heads are not flopping from their own weight. They are minis comparatively speaking!


That sight brings back a fun memory of one fine September day in a huge East Asia city.


One Fine Sept Day sept 2010 XN


You can tell it is almost officially fall.  The farm season does not always follow the calendar though.  We know it is fall because the sunflower heads are in the market…at the park, coming down the street in a three wheeler.  Those giant heads full of seeds are everywhere.  The love gals pluck the seeds out and enjoy the fun of it! They crack open the shells and spit them out and eat.  This is nothing like the snack my son insisted on having for every baseball gamewhen he played or watched. (I never quite got that.) And now, just like her brothers, Meg likes them too. I never have convinced her to select the bag of shelled seeds. (from previous post)

sunflower lady on a bike 2

See the lady on the three wheeler bike with a bed coming up behind us. After Amy took this picture I turned looking at her bed full of produce and pointed, “Look sunflowers!”

She saw me and quickly maneuvered through the traffic to bring her “booth” to us!

Her cart was a feast of colors and textures. Autumn apples and giant sunflower heads!  You just picked the seeds and eat them just like from a bags at a ballgame.

It must have been a bountiful harvest.

With our giant sunflower head in hand, we went for our cafe visit for smoothies and coffee specialities. A quiet break from our homeschool day.


Cafe stop Sunflower


Yes,  fall is here!


Hope you are enjoying the special things of fall? What are those unique things done in your area that you love about fall?



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Bountiful Harvest of Fruit of the Vine & More


bountiful harvest Fruit of the vine Concord grape jellies


It was Labor Day.  Perfect weather. Afternoon naps refreshed us all.

It was time for a timeless family activity…mom taking pictures while everyone else pitched in to made


Concord Grape Jellies.


It isn’t a question of can I; more of a question of why when everyone else seems to enjoy it!

Like most things in life there is an order….


Picking grapes


First you have to pick grapes. We have one vine.  One. Do you see how long it is???

Then you prune them. This is one vine. I am always amazed at that.



Sort through for bad ones.




Get the canning pot out and do some more boiling. I turned up the air. It was a hot kitchen! It could have made for heat induced crankiness.  That would spoil the family fun!


canning jelly


Then you make jelly!


This batch of grape jelly has just about 20 pounds of sugar.

You need a potato masher!  You knew there had to be some reason that was in the utensil set!

Other things I wouldn’t have thought of until I was in the middle of a big old mess!

Cheesecloth for straining.

A wide mouth flexible funnel for a variety of sizes of jar mouths. This funnel is part of a Kitchen Aide set. A ladle. Special tongs for putting jars in and out of the big canning pot of boiling water.

We used 2 soup pots, one to cook the grapes sown and another to straining the juice and cook with the sugar. A canning pot plus jars with seal lids.




The recipe  is simple. The process is pretty simple but if this is a new thing, follow directions. Better still, find classes at  place like this Buford or at your local county extension offices. Lancaster County PA’s site has a plethora of information.  Videos will help too. Ask an older woman or mom or grandmother to help you.

You do want to do this right or it can all go bad quickly!

There is a lot of boiling and sugar involved.




When Nathan took the finished jars out of the boiling water, we all heard the

Pop Pop Pop!

That is a GOOD sound. It means the jars are sealing.

Then the wait for the jars to cool some before we opened one to taste the fruit of our labors.




Not everybody could wait!   Well, the rest of us didn’t wait long either. We made sure first our tongues would not get burned.

Oh my gosh. It was soooo good! Delicious!!  Just like Smuckers only BETTER .  No label needed and homemade with lots of love and laughs.



It was a good a harvest for all of us.  For our family.


Have you had a harvest this year? Tell us about it.




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Teasing Fall Around the House


Teasing Fall


With the start of school and all the unexpected hot and humidity here in Lancaster PA,
got to tell you, going full out with fall decor is tough.  
I walked out this morning and the air was so heavy and
the fall smells odors of Lancaster hangs heavy in the air.  
Cow manure fertilizer.   So no sitting on my porch this morning, 


In October, all the fall decorations will come out!   For now,

just lovely teasers around the house! 


Autumn Fresh Bouquets


This busy time of year is when I go to simple.  I shop my attic and china cabinets. The grocery store and farmer’s market down the road are THE places to go for beautiful quick decorations!!

I look for color and fullness.

These rich red flowers called out to me!  I needed several bunches for  fullness. It matches perfectly with the deep red bands around the mid-century lamp. There is nothing else on the buffet to take away from the simple beauty of deep rich red of autumn.


Vintage elegance in our dining room.


I snatched up the blue & white pitcher that looks like Johnson Bros. Blue Denmark from a tiny china shop tucked away in a tiny Beijing china shop.  I am always on the look out beautiful items that are cheap. You just never know where you might found them.


The living room gets a lot of  living so I limit what goes in that is out of the way.  Except of course at Chirstmas time!

Vintage chic

was perfect. The blue bell jar vase is subtle on top of my antique cabinet from a China farmhouse. The bouquet is a mix of bright colors that bridge the seasons.



little pumpkins & bumpy squash


Can you have fall decorations without a pumpkin or five?


Again, I like fresh when possible. There is no way to duplicate the melody of colors on these mini lovelies!

I pulled out the footed silver tea tray and filled it with mini pumpkins and bumpy squash.  Setting on the dining table is still more

vintage elegance.

On the smaller credenza, I used a mixture of elements including the Franciscan apple china that comes out every autumn set and ready for tea time goodies. The very old China farmhouse oil jar brings some rustic with Istanbul woven shawl.

In  the living room, the minis look great on the huge spindle candlesticks. Setting the extras around is such a simple thing for big impact.

My plain jane farm kitchen doesn’t do fancy. On my red table, the 17 year old fall quilt leaf runner is a wonderful place to pile the garden’s squash. Add one of those spindle candle sticks and call it done!  I have 3 so they get moved around. More importantly, the four of us can sit down and eat without moving it at all.

Teasing fall this year is effortless. Dishes from the china cabinets, market flowers and mini pumpkins with garden produce with few table clothes. Using a variety of containers from silver to blue bell jars easily set the tone for

vintage elegant or vintage chic.

Most of all, the fall decor adds to the warmth of our home as we coming adn go every day. It makes us smile. When there is no “Dressing” in our home, we all notice.  Whatever I do, I want it to be beautiful, affordable. creative and often accomplished wiht ease adn stress free.




How is your autumn decorating going this season?


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